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The injured patients suffer from kinds of foot & nail problems like
painful infections, fractures, wounds, germs, various abrasions &
they might need an emergency surgery. Could you please give them Smelly
Foot Doctor and cure them all?

Ouch! Carelessly hurt the foot!!
His foot was bitten by a dog. Please clean up the wound immediately and
then give him a vaccination. you need to use defibrillator bring them
back to life, repair their broken bones.

Smelly Foot Doctor : Crazy Clinic features:

*Smelly Leg Cleaning View
*Front Leg Injury Clinic
*Back Leg Injury
*Nail cleaning and Nail cutting view
*Smelly Foot Doctor

It must be so painful! What should we do? Now let's be a foot doctor to help people cure their feet instantly.
Enjoy and download this new Game Smelly Foot Doctor : Crazy Clinic..


Smelly Foot Doctor Crazy Clinic_v1.0.0_apkpure.com.apk 22 MB

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